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1984 Book Illustration Series

1984 Book Series: Text
1984 Book Series: Video

Series Information

1984 Book Illustrations

This was a mock- book illustration series for 1984. Created during my independent study with the ever incredible, Keyla Valerio. Throughout this project, photoshoots for detailed reference were had, compositional thumbnails and tight sketches were created, followed by further development with color studies. All of these steps in the creative process are necessary before advancing on to the final illustration.

1984 mock up template copy.jpg
1984 Book Series: About
1984 Book Series: Portfolio
Color swatches 1984_edited.png
1984 Book Series: Image

Process Work

1984 Book Series

Line, Value and Color Studies
Line and Value
1984 Book Series: Welcome

Series created winter and spring of 2022

completely by Taylor Stanislawski

1984 Book Series: Text
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