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Internship at First Fight Animation Studio

3 Month Internship

This was an incredible experience that taught me a great deal and provided the opportunity to work on  projects that include clients such as Nick Jr. and May Mobility as well as illustration/ animation work for First Fight's social media. During my time here, I was able to understand the production process of animation work for high profile clients and communication between various departments. My concentration during this time was to create and develop storyboards, style frames and cel animation. I also worked on building my skills in After Effects animation. After this experience, I've decided to build on my After Effects skills by enrolling in the School of Motion classes which I'm currently taking.

First Fight Internship: Welcome

Holiday Post Process

First Fight Internship: Text
First Fight Internship: Portfolio
First Fight Internship: Portfolio

Animatic for Final Animation

This was done to create rough movement/ transitions and to make sure the timing was done correctly for the final piece. 

First Fight Internship: Video

May Mobility Samples

Sample style frames for the client to give them an idea of the work we can produce. 

First Fight Internship: Text
First Fight Internship: Portfolio
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